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Do Men Become Better or Worse Fathers After Divorce? by Jill Brooke

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jill-brooke/do-men-become-better-or-w_b_236575.html If divorce is in the future of duplicitous two-timers Gov. Mark Sanford to reality TV’s Jon Gosselin, these men will have to navigate co-parenting. However, a growing trend shows that many men become better parents post-divorce, to the surprise of ex-wives who find it difficult to grasp that a man who...

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Big News from the Appeals Court today

The Appeals Court ruled today on the temporary stay of the judgment pending appeal. They upheld the stay, but for the jail sentence ONLY. The change of custody hearing, and the awarding of fees, can move forward… and will, beginning Friday 6/24 9:30am. In addition, her attorney petitioned the Appeals Court to allow him four […]

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