Instead of “Creating” Viral Moments, Look for Real-Time Influence Opportunities

Look at big corporate brands, and you’ll find plenty of businesses paying millions to cultivate influence by creating the next viral moment. Good luck. The impulse is understandable, but the tactics leave much to be desired. Obsessing over “the big one” all too often means missing out on the smaller moments of influence that really […]

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Engagement: How Making Meaningful Connections Leads to Brand Loyalty

Transactions, conversions, closing the deal. All good stuff in the grand scheme, but not what we should be focusing on when building sustainable relationships with customers. The problem is that when a transaction is the only goal, there’s little focus on keeping the customer coming back for more. Ten different people who make one-and-done transactions […]

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Hire for Passion, Train for Skills

Then… – Listen to them, and make sure you take actions that let them know you are listening. Every human being needs to feel that their contributions are appreciated and that their opinion matters. Otherwise work is a mindless drudge with no purpose (other than a paycheck), and the employee has no emotional connection to the work […]

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B2B Marketers and Social Listening—Stop Making Excuses!

The excuses for shunning B2B social listening are familiar by now, and they are understandable even if they’re ultimately misguided: B2B brands don’t generate the same social chatter as B2C brands in popular niches B2B decision-makers don’t use social to research other businesses The investment required for social listening doesn’t match the payoff. People aren’t...

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