Social Media has Played Significant Role in the Rise of Marketing to Women… better keep an eye on the Latinas from #LATISM12

Social has taken away numerous connection barriers between brand and consumer, giving brands more direct access to not just push information out to consumers, but to actively engage in ongoing conversation with consumers and their networks. Since women, who control 85% of household spending, are the majority of social media users, it makes sense that marketers naturally have turned their focus to marketing to women. They hold the purse strings AND have the highest and most interrelated social media presence.
Social has also given consumers a voice, and women are happy to finally have a platform for their insights, opinions, suggestions and recommendations – where their voice can actually make an impact and a difference. Women are ready to be heard, so wise marketers will strive to give women the full brand experience… then hand women the microphone! Women are naturally fantastic Brand Advocates, genuinely wanting to help others by sharing information, so marketing to women makes all the sense in the world.
Social has also given Moms in particular a feasible way to start their own business from their homes and create income from their interests. As more and more Moms (along with other women) are online for their businesses, they are also online for personal use , and once again brands benefit by getting even more visibility.
This was totally the theme, and in evidence, at the LATISM event I attended and had the honor of speaking at this weekend. Latina’s are taking the reigns and making their own future… not waiting for anyone else to pull them along, but doing it themselves for their families and each other. I am inspired by the people, the stories, but more importantly by the passion and enthusiasm. The room was full and alive with energy for the remarkable Nely Galan and her Adelante Movement session.
Marketers in this country better start taking notice… and recognize/pay attention to the power, capabilities, and determination of these remarkable present and future entrepreneurs. 
“A woman’s reach should exceed her grasp.” #LATISM12 #RonR
Avelante Movement
                 Nely Galan – Adelante Movement



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Ted Rubin


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    Oct 30, 2012 Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Social media has a significant impact on organizations and their consumers so it is important to address this to the public. Businesses in particular should realize the impact social media can play on their marketing campaigns. This was a great read! I also found it empowering as a woman to see our impact on the the industry.

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      Ted Rubin
      Nov 17, 2012 Reply

      Thanks for the input Kristen. Very important for everyone to realize that social media is way more about women than men due to the way we naturally communicate.

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    Nov 2, 2012 Reply

    So true. This year was definitely on empowering women and making a movement. Overall is was a great event!

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