Brand vs Reputation

The difference between your brand and your reputation can be easy to miss because so many marketing writers use the terms interchangeably. The fact that the terms really are similar in many ways does little to help with the confusion. Both concepts have a major influence on how your business is perceived, but your brand […]

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Provide Content That Serves You AND Them…

In addition to social training, grooming social advocates within your company also requires that they have access to content. Naturally, you’ll be publishing content that’s brand related for them to share. However, don’t make it a one-way street. Also publish (or curate) content that helps your employees build their own personal brand, such as travel, […]

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Social Media Training: The Foundation for Small Business Employee Advocacy

This post brought to you by Microsoft Office . The content and opinions expressed below are that of Ted Rubin Straight Talk. Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with customers, forming relationships, and growing your small business. Social advocacy is another big benefit of social connection. And small companies don’t necessarily need a […]

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Employee Advocacy… Why, What, How?

Why…  Many marketers have heard me talk about employee advocacy before, and how important it is to Empower your Employees (who will then Power your Brand) and to encourage them to “be social” in today’s relationship age. The fact that relationships are the new currency is true whether you are looking for a job, planning […]

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Network orchestration: Embrace it or get left behind ~ via @hybris_software

The technology shifts in the past five years are bringing about some pretty spectacular changes in the way companies do business. Not only are we moving more into mobile commerce, but disruptive business models that employ collaboration with customers (like Uber and AirBnB) are rattling the cages of traditional commercial enterprise. This new style of […]

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