My Latest Book is Live… The Age of Influence: Selling to the Digitally Connected Customer

What is influence, exactly? And what does having influence mean in today’s world? According to Merriam-Webster, influence is: The power to change or affect someone or something, or the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen. There is influence on a personal level, as well as influence from a business perspective. We […]

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The Key is Harnessing the Power of Social Influence in a Compelling Way…

The key is harnessing the power of social influence in a compelling way that connects authentic story-telling with brand and product interaction. This is a radical departure from the current media and eCommerce environment as consumers seek information when and where they want it vs. proceeding along a predictable purchase path. Mobile is accelerating this […]

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The Power of Social Influence

In 1997 when I joined Seth Godin at Yoyodyne, people were calling the internet new media. But there was nothing really new. It was simply traditional media in a new wrapper — nothing new at all. We are now entering the era of “new media.” Media is now aggregated, not a place, a.k.a. the website […]

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Rubin On Why It’s All Relative ~via @JaciClement

Originally posted January 13 2015 5:20 PM by Influential Insiders Editor, @JaciClement Ted Rubin likes to talk. A lot. OPERATORS STANDING BY: With 260,000 Twitter followers and counting, Ted Rubin wonders why no one ever calls. With his brand exploding, it appears the world is suddenly listening. The skinny kid who grew up on Long Island’s south shore  — […]

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Influence, Vanity Metrics and Katy Perry ~guest post via @JoshStAubin

Originally posted at Joshua St. Aubin, August 20, 2014 If influence was completely based on vanity metrics like follower count, Katy Perry would be themost influential person on Twitter with Justin Bieber following closely behind. Unless you’re a teenage girl, I think we can agree that their opinions do very little to influence decisions we make. Influence is […]

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