Amazon is the Next Generation of Walmart

Amazon is the next generation of Walmart, for brands and competition, but it’s “Walmart on steroids”… everywhere, for everything, 24/7. Soon they will move in a big way extending from merchandise into personal services… they already are. AND… Amazon is a brand everyone will buy, whereas Walmart most certainly is not. #RetailRelevancy #FollowThePath…...

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The Marketing Superpower

“For me the marketing superpower, the most important skill that makes you a great marketer, social or otherwise, is all about Looking People in the Eye Digitally… truly doing your best to connect, be responsive, and care. The ability to go into the “social” homes of consumers and prospects, see and hear what they are talking […]

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Chipotle, What The Hell Are You Thinking? [video]… DAVID & TED TALK

David Brier: I recently sat down with Ted Rubin, brilliant social marketing strategist, to discuss a campaign by Chipotle. Following the recent string of health scares, Chipotle’s consumer confidence (as well as shareholder confidence) has sent the brand’s stock value dropping like a hot tamale, from mid-$700-per-share high to a mid-$400 a share, all within the last 12 […]

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Ted Rubin "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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