Twitter Basics… Updated

The mistakes I see being made by brands is trying to measure Social engagement with the same tools we measure every other digital touch point. In my view email, search, even banner ads, have spoiled marketers into thinking everything can be and must be measured with the same metrics used to gauge success in other […]

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Is Twitter’s Impact Waning?

I say NO… it’s evolving. The social landscape continues to shift, and Twitter is no exception. However, it’s still one of my favorite social platforms for several reasons:        It keeps me “in the know” with up to the minute news        For “on the go” people like me, the short format makes it easy […]

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Why You Should Stop Tying Yourself in Knots Over ROI & Start Thinking ROR, #RonR ~via @hootsuite

Image via popofatticus via Flickr As businesses put more time, resources, and emphasis on social media, they want to see measurable results. But what if the return on investment (ROI) of social isn’t immediately obvious? It’s not always easy to measure the value of lasting connections and meaningful relationships. I’ve spent the last two years […]

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Twitter and Friendship

For me Twitter and new friends have gone hand-in-hand from the beginning. And I’m not just talking about gaining followers here—I’m talking about true connection, forming relationships and making things happen. I’ve never “bought” a single Twitter follower for any of my profiles, yet I’ve amassed over 700,000 followers to date (and I’ve been active […]

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