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Ramon Nuez and Zev Mo and I take a rainy NYC afternoon and talk to Ted Rubin about the social landscape. We talk about a number of topics — Collective bias (, the unfollow etiquette, G+ and we even have a quick conversation about his peach sweater vest.



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3 Responses to: 21 | Ted Rubin of Collective...

  1. Dennis Keefe says:

    Great interview! I understand your frustration with Google+ I have been there since the invite only days, but don’t engage others there often enough.
    I agree with you that women are much easier to engage with and make a great majority of the decisions, especially when it comes to finances.

    Looking forward to your book!

    • Ted Rubin says:

      Thanks Dennis. Not really frustrated with G+, just see it as basically irrelevant in the consumer world. And these days becoming more so even in the marketing early adopter world. Guess that is why they are changing the name… removing it from the Google branding.

  2. Stan Faryna says:

    It’s nice to see you, Ted.

    You give excellent advice on NOT unfollowing passive participants. Because social goes beyond direct conversations and engagement. Duh!

    And, yeah, you’re dead on about blogging as the heart beat of social media. It is the only social platform that provides an undistracted, focused touchpoint for relationship. What we saw happen in Triberr (the excitement, etc) is powerful social proof.

    When’s the book coming out?

    Recently on my blog: A user-centric and humanistic paradigm for privacy and #dignity

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