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How social media has changed the hospitality industry.

We’ve all heard about how social media has changed the world. But what does that look like for hotels and hospitality?

In this episode, Ted Rubin, leading Social Media Marketing Strategist, who has been on digital media since 1997—shares his perspective on how hotels can use social media to create real relationships with their customers. Ted starts by explaining what inspired him to write his latest book, ¨ Return on Relationship¨: How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service. He then goes on to discuss how hotel staff can use data from their guests in order to deliver better customer service experiences. In addition, Ted speaks about his concerns about the future of social media in this day and age of AI and automation in customer service by bots. (For more tips on how businesses create lasting connections without meeting face-to-face, check out this episode .)

To wrap things up, Ted shares his advice for hoteliers who are looking to become better at using social media. He explains that the key is not just posting content, but also making sure that it resonates with your audience.  ~Sam-Erik Ruttmann  

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