Amazon is the Next Generation of Walmart

Amazon is the next generation of Walmart, for brands and competition, but it’s “Walmart on steroids”… everywhere, for everything, 24/7. Soon they will move in a big way extending from merchandise into personal services… they already are. AND… Amazon is a brand everyone will buy, whereas Walmart most certainly is not. #RetailRelevancy #FollowThePath…...

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Good Marketing + Great Customer Service = Omni-channel Success

In today’s world businesses no longer have the luxury of compartmentalizing the customer experience. Consumers have a multitude of ways to engage with a company: walking into a physical store; browsing a catalogue, visiting a website, or using social media. They also have multiple devices for accessing products or services, from desktops to smartphones. So […]

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Basic Premise of Social Integration

Social to most in the C-suite is still a marketing campaign-based tactic, viewed and managed separately, but it desperately needs be fully integrated, not as a strategy, but as part of the company DNA. Social needs to be woven into the fabric of all marketing, operational and employee channels, and strategically managed from a 360-degree […]

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Ted Rubin "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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