I have been sharing this statement for years, and although it is somewhat self-explanatory I feel the need to extend upon the statement in and of itself.

A Network gives you Reach; A Community gives you Power… emphasizes the difference between the reach and power when it comes to building a network, or taking it to the next level with a community component.

Reach refers to the number of people that a network or an individual can connect with or influence. A large reach means that there is a broad audience that can be reached with a message or idea. However, having a large reach does not necessarily mean that there is a strong sense of community or that there is power to influence change.

On the other hand, a community is a group of people who share common interests or goals and who interact with each other on a regular basis. A community is more than just a collection of individuals; it is a group that works together to achieve common goals and provides support to its members. In a community, members have a sense of belonging and loyalty, and they are more likely to work together to accomplish their shared objectives.

Power comes from having a strong community that is organized and mobilized to achieve its goals. A community that is united and engaged can exert significant influence over its members and even over the wider world. This is because members of a community are more likely to act in a coordinated and strategic way, pooling their resources and working together to achieve their objectives.

Therefore, while having a large reach can be valuable in some contexts, building a strong community is often more important when it comes to having real power and impact. A community provides the support and resources needed to achieve meaningful change and to influence the world around us.

THEREFORE… A Network gives you Reach, BUT a Community gives you Power! 

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