Sadly HAMAS and their allies, and yes that includes many Palestinians (misled perhaps, but supportive nonetheless), have incredibly effectively played the long game with media, social media, PR and marketing, and what is happening now around the world is the culmination of that. They are not given enough credit for their brilliance and patience in that respect.

So many have been swayed by the HAMAS & Co propaganda machine. So many fail to realize that they hate you all just a little less than us. When they finish with the Jews they’ll came after you. These people, like Nazi Germany, and Al-Qaeda and ISIS, need to be put down. Sadly, when people like these hide behind innocents, and use them as human shields, casualties are caused by them, not by those defending themselves.

Marketing the Israeli and Jewish cause is critical now, and vital for the future, and hopefully this latest crisis will lead to an ongoing initiative supporting Israel and the Jewish people.

Hamas and the Palestinians have done a remarkable job marketing their cause internationally, and especially here in the US and on our college campuses. Israel, Israelis, and the Israeli leadership, has done less than just a poor job, they have done no job, taking the righteous path of “no need to promote our cause because we are in the right and Jews have always been persecuted.” THIS ATTITUDE NEEDS TO END, and in the future, and even along with this crisis and counter-attack, a strategy needs to be put into place going forward if nothing else to counter the one from our enemies.


And yes now, it is our job to do whatever we can to influence friends and businesses to step-up, speak-up, lend their support, and help execute such a strategy.

#SpeakUp… #StopJewishHate ✡️ #StandWithIsrael ✡️ #NeverAgain… #NeverAgainIsNow!👊🏻🇮🇱


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