I have been sharing this statement for years as a follow-on to A Network gives you Reach; A Community gives you Power! The emphasis here is the difference between the nature of networks and communities.

Networks are primarily focused on connecting people and facilitating communication and exchange of information. While networks can be useful for building relationships, they are often transactional in nature and may not necessarily involve a strong sense of caring or commitment between individuals.

Communities, on the other hand, are centered around a shared sense of purpose, identity, or values. Members of a community care about one another and are committed to supporting each other and achieving common goals. In a community, individuals have a sense of belonging and shared responsibility that is often absent in a network.

While networks are important for establishing connections and expanding one’s reach, communities provide a deeper level of support, care, and connection. In a community, individuals can find emotional and social support, as well as opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Networks and communities serve different functions and have different qualities. Networks are useful for connecting people and facilitating communication, while communities provide a deeper level of care and commitment that can lead to greater personal and social transformation. Put them together, Connection AND Caring… and YOU WIN.

Networks Connect… Communities Care.  


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