Will Web3 Become the Same Hot Mess As Social Media and The Internet? OR… did we learn anything from past mistakes?

Do you enjoy social media? I bet many do not truly enjoy it anymore, but I am also certain most once did. Now many of us are still there because in some ways we have to be… whether to stay connected, keep up, or we have built a business and livelihood around it… and right now it’s the only game in town 🤷🏻‍♂️

Happiness and Social Media…

It seems to me it is time to… #unblind. It’s time to make that choice, when it really becomes available. It’s not available now no matter what the gurus and talking heads of Web3 might be telling you. I am not referring to those working hard to create the future and are sharing their hopes and vision (I am a champion of their efforts), I’m referring to those preaching and directing you to something that does not exist yet as if it does.

Blinders, Part I (via Peer)

Brands don’t have a clue “where” the Metaverse is or how they are actually going to be a part… they are waiting for someone to tell them. Yes, they are all talking about it, and “investing” in it, but that is the same as what they did in the 1990’s with the Internet and 2007-2010 with Social Media. Each time the “players” came along and took the reins leading the rest of us by the nose. Maybe we can actually become a part of the solution this time.

Think About It… Did you like a video on social media? Here are 15 more “kind of” like it… from who knows where, and what is truly their purpose? Have a particular opinion on something? So does everyone else.. that you’re going to see today. Did you say “Paint the house?” Here are 15 mortgage companies that can save you money on a cash out re-fi… You have a mortgage, right? It’s all on the internet… must be true, and hey, let’s sell you something you probably don’t need.

These finely tuned algorithms are a real stumbling block to intelligent conversation, research, and ultimately, connection with those products, brands, and most importantly the people all around you. Let’s find the companies who listen, are run by people like us who want to do it right this time, and make a change for the better where we all participate. Yes, it’s a utopian, “for the people” dream, but why not work this time to make it a reality?


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