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Social Selling Isn’t About Selling

If there’s one marketing mantra that will always be true for businesses, it’s “Know Your Customer.” Whether you sell shoes, dry cleaning services, computer software or multi-million-dollar widgets, that’s the one maxim that will never change, no matter what happens to society in the future. It’s the one thing marketers and salespeople alike need to […]

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Branding Genius: Old School Tactic Crushes a $40 Billion Market ~via @davidbrier

They ignore all the brand rules of retail: Sell nothing online. Encourage touching and interacting with products. A lot. (Even scheduling visits to try out their showers in their stores.) Include no technical information for brands and products. Give away free cappuccinos and beverages, and They’re doubling their revenue each year, exceeding $225 million in […]

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What is Your Social ID?

Brand identification is changing right along with the other shifts social media has brought about. It is no longer as much about the company logo, the colors, or whether we use our middle initial in visual materials or not; it is now about “Social ID”—our voice and the way we socially present ourselves online. What […]

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