Heading to @ClubMedOfficial Ixtapa with my Teenage Daughters in Two Weeks

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Being the divorced Dad of two teenage daughters has its trials and tribulations. I guess being the Dad of teenage daughters has challenges regardless of marital status, but for me the next couple of years are so very important. It is not only a very special time, but a crucial period for me and my girls with regard to our relationship and the memories they will take with them as they evolve from girls to women.

I thought long and hard about where to go on vacation for February mid-winter break when I get the only annual guaranteed full week with my girls. They are no longer little girls who get excited at the prospect of Disney for a day or two and visiting their grandparents in Florida. Truth be told I promised after the last trip that we would never again stay at grandma and grandpa’s… way to stressful and boring for them. In the future we will make short visits and stay at a nearby hotel.

This year I wanted to make sure to take them someplace they would not only love, but that can give them the freedom to be “out and about” without Daddy (actually Dad now… to my chagrin) hovering over them. I am happy to enjoy their pleasure from afar, or join in when/if they want my participation. After looking at many alternatives I decided to go with Club Med… an option I had so enjoyed for many years before I had children and one that has evolved with many family choices. I chose Club Med Ixtapa since I thought traveling to Mexico would be a great place for reliable weather, the resort seems gorgeous, Trip Advisor has so many great reviews, and there are a host of fun activities along with beautiful beaches. My daughters are very different… my 17 year old is reserved, artistic, likes quiet beaches and will most certainly take advantage of the great photo opportunities (she studies photography); my 15 year old is outgoing, loves activities, especially sailing, and will flip (no pun intended) over the trapeze.

Seems to me at Club Med I can be with them a good deal of the time, but can also allow them the freedom to be on their own… and maybe the GO’s (staff member at Club Med so well known for their congeniality) will encourage both of the girls to do things they may have otherwise dismissed.

Can’t wait to get there, crossing my fingers for a trip that will truly live up to my expectations, and looking forward to making some family memories that will stay with us forever. Stay tuned for my follow-up post hopefully entitled: Dad… you ROCK 🙂

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose”. ~The Wonder Years




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18 Responses to: Heading to @ClubMedOfficial Ixtapa with my Teenage...

  1. Dennis Keefe says:

    Ted, sounds like it’s going to be a great trip, I hope that you and the girls have lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing some photos. Have a great trip!

  2. Bruce Sallan says:

    I went to THAT Club Med so very long ago, when I was married to my first wife, and my boys were very young. We LOVED the trapeze and I urge you and your girls to try it out. Fun. Scary, but not too bad.

    Being the ham I am, I loved all the opps to sing and perform. And, being the jock I am, I loved all the water sports.

    You’ll have fun…but, be prepared to say good morning to your daughters and then see them – maybe – for a meal later on. And, have your taser ready for all the guys that will be after them!

    You, on the other hand, can hang at the bar…oh, and on Thursday, find an internet connection and come to #DadChat…lol.

    This week we’ve got the wonderful @AngelaMaiers at co-host.

    Have fun…and don’t forget your sunblock!

    • Ted Rubin says:

      Thanks for the input Bruce… can always count on you. The more my daughters engage there the happier I will be. P.S. Don’t plan on me being a part of #DadChat that week… not on the agenda for my personal Club Med experience. Think I will be focusing on my girls, and some badly needed rest and relaxation… some Return on Relationship™ with myself and my girls 🙂

  3. Mike Merrill says:

    My girls are teenagers now and our last trip was to a beach as well with my brother and his family. Definitely at the point they need some time to explore on their own.

    We are doing another cruise soon as well. Have a great trip.


  4. Ted,

    Thank you so much for posting about your upcoming trip to Club Med Ixtapa Pacific with your girls. We’re so excited for your arrival. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything during your stay. We hope you and your girls have a fabulous time spending special time together, snapping photos, flying on the trapeze, and more!


    We’re so happy to hear you loved your stay with us! The trapeze can be a little intimidating, but we’re glad you tried it! Do you have any plans to visit Club Med Ixtapa Pacific or another Club Med resort in the future? We’d love to assist you with travel arrangements.

    Kind Regards,
    Your Friends at Club Med

  5. Erica Diamond says:

    Sounds like perfection. Enjoy every magical moment Ted. 🙂

  6. Confuscan says:

    Sounds great. However, is “Dad” ready for the teenage boys that also come with the beach 🙂

  7. Susan says:

    How marvelous! Your daughters will have a smashing time as will you! Why don’t you try Circus also, so fun! I’ve been wanting to see Ixtapa, so can’t wait for your report! Enjoy and watch that sun!

  8. Sounds perfect, can’t wait to hear your thoughts after you return!

  9. Samantha says:

    We love Mexico- that looks like so much fun 🙂

  10. Jill says:

    Sounds like a dream! What lucky girls you have… Enjoy!

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