How do you Define a Social Business?

Let’s define a social business and how it is evolving. It’s not just “being social” with your customers (having social profiles where you know they hang out); it’s about being more connected in your business processes as well. Stop thinking in terms of silos of information and people, and start thinking about ways to connect everyone.

For instance, a common problem in many brands has been the gulf between marketing and sales. There has always been a “cold war” going on between those two departments because their thought processes and drivers are different. But if the end goal is to drive more business-why not give them every opportunity to collaborate? Formal meetings can be time-consuming, but social gives us opportunities to help our employees connect with each other (as well as with their personal networks).

Besides connecting marketing and sales, another way social connection can be an advantage is with customer service. In my opinion, companies that think of customer service more as a mind-set than a separate department already have an advantage. Think of ways to connect everyone who has input so they can collaborate on ways to deliver the best customer experience.

Empower everyone in your organization to leverage social platforms, be present, communicate, and share.

SDL - Not Being Social


Empower you Employees, and they will Power your Brand.



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Ted Rubin


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    Rodney Robinson
    Aug 26, 2014 Reply

    Im really enjoying your posts, Ted.I agree that genuine customer service is a mindset that is based on values, not a department. Companies do not focus on the mindset and values, because they are too focused on dollars. However, the interesting thing is that having strong relational values indirectly influence long term profitability. It pays big to have strong relationships. Thanks, Ted!

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    Ted Rubin
    Aug 26, 2014 Reply

    Yes indeed Rodney, thanks for the great input. Relationships focus on getting to know your consumer and giving them reasons to stay engaged… not just getting them to react.

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    How do you Define a Social Business?
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