Amazon Goes Brick and Mortar to Connect…

by Ted RubinRubin and John Andrews Andrews Amazon goes Brick and Mortar to connect… it’s own bookstores, Kohl’s integration, Whole Foods, Pickup centers – they are creating a high consumer touch. AND realize a vast majority of retail sales (especially holiday shopping) starts at Amazon… they have become the go-to search engine for retail (1.2 BB in […]

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This Single Company Will Own the Future of Retail

—– This online giant is starting to stretch its entrepreneurial fingers into every retail segment, both online and off. Are you ready for an Amazon-centric world? Last month, I stated it on Google+ and I will say it again: “ will own the retail world soon.” Amazon founder Jeff Bezos introduced Amazon’s new Fire Phone amid a flurry of […]

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Is LBS Ready for Prime Time? See what @Katadhin of @CollectiveBias thinks…

Guest post by John Andrews, Founder/CEO Collective Bias. Originally posted at CollectiveBias blog Almost four years ago, I was attending SXSW with the Walmart Elevenmoms group.  I was learning about social media from the people that were doing it by immersing myself in the culture.  Having spent the previous 14 years of my life as a brand and […]

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