Why Relationships & Advocacy Are Keys to Social Success (Webinar via @EngageSciences)


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On Tuesday October 22 Richard Jones, the CEO of EngageSciences was joined by Ted Rubin, globally recognised as the most followed CMO on Twitter for a live webinar on “Why Relationships and Advocacy Are The Keys to Social Success”.

During the webinar Ted and Richard delved into the importance of leading with social within an organization and making sure brands reassess their strategy to bring in new marketing techniques. They mentioned how brands need to change from “convince & convert” to “converse & convert”.

Some other key takeaway points from the webinar were that too many companies think the relationship ends when someone presses the follow/like button. Brands need to understand that this is only the start. There is so much that needs to happen afterwards to make the fan engagement both relevant and valuable. Ted also discussed the importance of listening. Instead of “targeting” customers, ask first, and don’t be afraid to find out what your customers want and listen to their replies!

One of my personal favourite quotes from Ted was this: “Relationships are like muscle tissue, the more you engage them the stronger and more valuable they become” and he couldn’t be more right.  Brands need to start to understand that the relationships with their fans need work. They need nurture and, yes, it takes time. But once those fans realise how much they mean to you, it’s surprising how quickly they will become a long-term advocate.

The webinar ended on a very interactive Q & A discussion where both Ted and Richard had some great insights about “how” and “when” to interact. Some of the questions that came up are below, but you will have to watch the webinar to find out the answers.

“What brands are driving ROR principles well”

“What are the key measures of success that you can present to the wider marketing team to prove the success of social marketing?”

“What’s your view on the dramatic emergence of mobile and how it will impact the way brands communicate with their fans?”

“At what point are you stepping over the line with consumers?  If you have a low interest product how tenuous can your social be before people question why you are doing it?

“What’s the role of the hashtag in the broader marketing mix? Should traditional media channels see them as a threat or a way to socialise their products?”

Watch the whole webinar online below and do get in touch with Richard (@oldstriker ) or Ted (@TedRubin) on Twitter if you have any other questions.


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  1. posted by
    Julia Snyder
    Nov 15, 2013 Reply

    I need to get this book, it’s just what I have been into reading lately. I have been really into relationships and how they work. I have been reading a great one on this by Wendy Brown, Why Love Succeeds or Fails, whylovesucceeds.com is her site. It really has brilliant insight into relationships and what both sides do to make it tick and also not tick!

    • posted by
      Ted Rubin
      Nov 15, 2013 Reply

      Thanks for the comment Julia. Please realize my book is more about business relationships, but certainly covers the value of relationships in general and how easy they really are to nurture. Make it a great day.

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    Your 2am Friend
    Feb 23, 2014 Reply

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