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Question 1: Which do you think will be the most important social media trends in 2015?

There is a struggle going on between automation and human interaction. Sustaining and growing any business (for profit, and especially non-profit) depends on human interaction. How you connect, collaborate, generate trust, create loyalty, keep promises and earn Return on Relationship is totally dependent on human-to-human interaction, and always will be.

I think this lesson has been brought home on the social media front, especially. Companies are finding out that yes, you can automate a lot of what you do on social platforms, but the critical element of engagement and interaction should never be automated.

Companies are finding out that automating replies, direct messages and other communications that should be one-on-one interactions just doesn’t work. People need to connect as individuals and shun the kind of automation that short-circuits that connection. We want our social connections to be human, and we want to converse with them in real time.

Question 2: Which are the most 3 important social media networks in 2015, from your perspective and way?

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… Facebook owns the audience and provides the most relevant data and connection, Twitter is real-time and is all about communication, and Instagram is about images which is the easiest to produce and to connect with.

Question 3: Please recommend to our audience one of your most useful social media marketing tips

Use Instagram to share images which allow people the ability to add their own interpretation to what you post. The connection, syndication and relationship building of this tool is invaluable… and fun! Keep in mind that hashtags on Instagram play a very important role in gaining visibility! Make sure you use them.

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