LOVE THIS… everyone should hang it on the mirror in their bedrooms! ~Ted Rubin

1. Let them try.
2. Let them make mistakes.
3. Tell them you love them every single day.
4. Tell them you love them no matter the circumstance.
5. Tell them you are proud of them.
6. Fight for them.
7. Let them learn to fight for themselves.
8. Do not let fear dictate.
9. Goal set with them.
10. Hold them accountable.
11. Give them grace.
12. Emphasize the beauty in rest.
13. Make a schedule.
14. Schedule fun.
15. Schedule work.
16. Let them earn money.
17. Volunteer.
18. Teach about giving back.
19. Spend time together.

20. Play games.
21. Listen, listen, listen to them.
22. Teach them how to cook.
23. Teach them how to do laundry.
24. Model intentionality.
25. Model grace.
26. Model love.
27. Teach them about joy.
28. Teach them about gratitude.
29. Establish media boundaries.
30. Establish boundaries.
31. Get to know their friends.
32. Let their friends come over.
33. Let them see you dream.
34. Take breaks.
35. Learn to adapt.
36. Let them end the hug.

37. Care more about their hearts.
38. Forgive.
39. Learn from the past, but move forward.
40. Laugh.
41. Teach them to manage stress.
42. Look them in the eye when they talk.
43. Put your phone down at dinner.
44. Let them dream.
45. Let them create.
46. Let them imagine.
47. Embrace who they are.

48. Go to bed thankful for them.
49. Be thankful for time together.
50. Remember the blessings.

51. Enjoy this day, live it fully, and look for joy.

Originally posted at finding joy by Rachel Martin

*Take this to heart and recognize that these are lessons/actions you can apply to all your relationships including those with co-workers and employees! ~Ted Rubin, Return on Relationship™

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