PennStation after midnight.Niki 6.26.14

This is what Penn Station looks like after midnight when your 17 year old daughter calls in a panic that she and friends missed the 11:42pm train after a concert and have to wait until 1am…

“Daddy… what do we do, can you come wait with us?” My reply as I’m sprinting out the door… be there in 5! In my head what do I hear… YAY!!! 🙂 

Nice to know that she listens to me even though she makes like she could care less. I told her the night before when we had dinner together that I would be in the city overnight tonight. So glad I did.

After I got back to my hotel I was hot, sweaty, tired and… happiest Dad EVER! A great Dad “moment” for me 🙂

Niki calling me when she had a problem, and the way she behaved when I was with her and her friends “and” when she left me (big hug and I never get them unrequested), made my night… week, month, year! 

Especially as a divorced Dad I cherish every moment one of my daughter’s reaches out, and I am able to be there.  #RonR #HappyDad

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