A little commentary about Instagram…

meant for those who are perpetually tagging others for nothing other than driving them to see your post, that has nothing to do with them, but you want them to “Like” it so their name appears (or seems to be approving), and to drive more Likes.

I know many of the so-called “Experts” are advising you to do this, but PLEASE STOP… at the very least with me. It’s annoying, very clearly only self-serving, and IMHO a poor choice in the long-run. You may entice a few “Likes” for a while, but more likely you will push people away, and drive them to do their best to ignore it, and/or remove the tags.

If your content is good, frequent, and fun, I will take notice as will others. If I have not and you want my support, personally engage me, give me a reason to want to keep an eye our for what you post… or simply ask me 🙂

P.S. If the post has something to do with me, is clearly relevant, or if I have offered my support in advance, please feel free to tag.

#RonR… #NoLetUp!

Click here for the conversation that ensued when I posted the same to Facebook.

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