Incredibly tough day Thursday attending our dear lifelong friend, Bruce Rubin’s, funeral.

His wife Lisa, they met 11 years ago, and were married in 2017, orchestrated a lovely and memorable funeral service and celebration of his life.

Lisa spoke at the service with the love of a soulmate, the passion of a best friend, and the commitment of a wife and partner. She shared about the experience of Bruce’s disappearance from her heart, and about his life from her soul.

Bruce’s sister Laurie and brother Bobby (Robert to most other than childhood friends), spoke of the love of a brother who, since his father’s death a few years ago, has assumed the role of family patriarch, and a brother who was loved from the bottom of their hearts.

His brother-in-law Don dutifully shared the thoughts, memories, and love of his 92 year old mother, who is heartbroken and bereft, but holding her own clearly in an effort to help all those grieving.

Bruce’s children, Ben and Grace, spoke lovingly and from their hearts, and although in an effort to make their NoLetUp dad proud, were clearly heartbroken and staying strong for everyone’s benefit.

Lisa’s children spoke of a stepdad, and loving and devoted husband to their mother, as someone they treasured, and will hold in their hearts forever.

His friend Jeff shared anecdotes, love, family memories, and for so many of Bruce’s friends… that feeling that we were all so special to Bruce.

To me Bruce’s superpower was making every friend feel like his “best friend.”

I have never, ever, seen so many people attend a cemetery service. The love of Bruce by all was evident in the attendance and participation. And beyond the attendance, the amount of people lined up to shovel soil into the grave left me speechless. Lisa, Bruce’s wife, in a clear effort to allay the demons, cathartically insisted at the end to shovel until she could no longer continue. It was both heartbreaking for those of us watching, and beautiful in its devotion.

The Rabbi managed the whole service, along with Zooms for those who couldn’t attend, with a care and concern that demonstrated his devotion to those he tends to in his community.

To say this was a difficult day for those who loved Bruce is a dramatic understatement. But to say it was an important day of love, sharing, and closure, would be hitting the nail on the head.

RIP my dear friend. We will hold you in our hearts forever!

Memories keep the one you loved close to your heart, today and forever. #NoLetUp! 🙏🏻


P.S. I don’t know how Thursday would have been bearable for me without the love and support of my dear friends, Susan and Steve Gersh who opened their home to me in Weston, CT, and who Bruce introduced me to in 1987 in West Hampton. Steve, Bruce, and I quickly became Sue’s posse, and spent the next few summers bonding as a “crew” for years to come.

We loved Bruce dearly as a group, and each in our own way, and will have that as an unbreakable bond to share for years to come. Thank you, Sue and Steve, from the bottom of my heart… 💞🙏🏻💞
Return on Relationship… #NoLetUp!👊🏻
My Oceanside High School yearbook from Bruce, June 1976. I sent this to him in March when I rediscovered it, so glad I did 💞

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