Sandi Smith August 16 at 11:09pm
My dad passed away 5 years ago totally unexpectedly~ He suffered from dementia for the latter part of his life and didn’t really know who I was……BUT always had something special and wonderful to say to me. He spent the last 2 weeks of his life in Toronto…..A week with my sister and grandson then a week with me. When we departed Pearson International Airport he ruptured his esophagus and was in agony the entire flight home. BUT during those 5 hours he held my hand as we flew along the Canada US border……..over my hometown of Estevan Saskatchewan and he remembered everything……….He shared stories about me when I was a baby, a toddler, a teenager…….etc……..He told me how special I was etc……..It was the last time I saw him………He died the next day. I don’t think a daughter knows how special that bond is until its too late. So trust me when I tell you its the greatest love and keep it as a secret………YOU know now that no one can ever replace that love. Its a once in a life time kind a thing. Enjoy your daughters and be a great dad…..
Ted Rubin August 16 at 11:17pm
Thanks Sandi :’ (

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