Void in my Life.Love - The Girls

Someone I have known for a while, decided she needed to share the following with me… “my impression is that there’s an important void left by someone in your heart. I truly wish either you get over it, or, if it is best for you, you get this special person back.” Clearly implying that I am damaged with respect to a particular type of relationship… which may be the case, but not really the impairment that troubles me.

With respect to her comment she IS correct in a very important respect…

there is an incredible void left in my heart by two, not one, and it haunts me every day. This is not a mystery to anyone who knows me. Those two are my daughters and I will never get over it, NEVER give up… and desperately hope each and every day that I do get them “back” one day.

#RonR #ThisDadWontQuit… #NoLetUp!


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