From an early age, my Dad instilled in me the value of being a giver. He led by example, always extending a helping hand to our neighbors, fixing things, and offering assistance in any way possible. His acts of kindness were not driven by any expectation of reciprocation; he sought only friendship, a smile, or the satisfaction of knowing he had made a difference.

In following his footsteps, I, too, have become the person who stops to clean up a turned-over garbage can and put it back in its place, regardless of where it happens. I believe in the principle of ‘Liking’ others first, without waiting for them to ‘Like’ me in return. This approach, rooted in enlightened self-interest, has simple yet powerful benefits. When you do good for others, they are more likely to do good for you in return.

The beauty lies not in seeking direct rewards, but in cultivating a reputation as a generous individual. In business, just like in life, your actions become your brand, while your reputation becomes what people remember and share. This approach yields dividends daily, and I noticed immediate rewards in the form of personal satisfaction and contentment… a Return on Relationship that is yours no matter what.

However, there is a boundary I draw. When it becomes apparent that someone is merely a taker, never giving back to me or others, I have to protect my own well-being and set limits on such relationships. Similarly, in the business world, if a company has the means to compensate me fairly but chooses to take advantage of the situation, I must draw a line to safeguard my interests.

My Dad taught me to never forget the people… and that advice will serve you well in business and your personal life. If you forget the people, you’re overlooking the most important part.

Your Brand is what you do, Your Reputation is what people Remember AND Share… Stand out by ‘Liking’ them before they ‘Like’ you!

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