Ira, Roz and Ted 5.11.14

Visit to Phoenix May 2015

Ira Gibel was my Junior High and High School Wrestling Coach and Roz is his wife. Ira and Roz taught me about never giving up, loyalty to friends and family, and that learning never ends. I cannot express how much it has meant to me all these years.

Ira taught me that its never over. You know the Yogi Berra quote about how it’s not over until it’s over… well my coach, Ira Gibel instilled in me that it’s never over… there’s always another match, test, adventure, challenge… not even over after you die, because then your legacy lives on. I credit him, and Roz, a great deal with teaching, and instilling in me, the will, and never say die attitude that has allowed me to never give up and keep my daughters in my life, even when I was told to walk away by so many and the challenges continue every day even now when I am 57 and my daughters are 18 and 20. Google Ted Rubin Divorce and you will understand.

I am incredibly grateful for my relationship with Ira and Roz, that it continues today, and cherish every moment I have with them.

#RonR #ThisDadWontQuit… #NoLetUp!
Ira and Ted 8.19.15

Week long visit to Pine, AZ August 2015

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