Anyone out there have a smartphone 🤔

LOL… anyone drop their phones, or need to let the phone kinda hang there for a moment, or need to stand it up for a video or zoom 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yeah, I thought so… EVERYONE! Well, many years ago I started using one of those rings on the back of my phone. I became addicted to it from a use and safety standpoint. I carried a dozen of them in my bag to give away when people remarked about it, and to replace mine when it got too loose and became more a hazard than a help. Put it on, take it off and replace, it stands up, it doesn’t.

Enter Ohsnap!… The Phone Grip That Doesn’t Suck. My business partner started working with Ohsnap and next thing I know, as usual, I got the call to buy, use, and post about the product. Naturally I was ready to support him, but resisted a bit because change doesn’t always come easy for me as I am a dedicated creature of habit. John, as he is used to moving me out of my comfort zone, kept pushing, and here I am today… a convert and HUGE supporter of what Ohsnap employees and devotees firmly believe is the best designed grip on the market. AND not only a grip, but a host of Phone Accessories That Don’t Suck employing MagSafe technology.

I urge you to check them out and give them a try, I am fairly certain you will not be disappointed…

#getagrip #magSafe… #ohsnap!

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