00:00 Introduction 01:18 The Biggest Challenge? 06:22 Where Could This Go? 12:30 What’s the First Step? 14:53 Wrapping Up

Introducing the first episode of “BeenThereDoneThat Where Next” – a groundbreaking series by BeenThereDoneThat, where host and co-founder, David Alberts, delves into captivating conversations with industry experts. In this episode, David sits down with Ted Rubin to explore “The Power of Community & The Network Effect.”

Join David and Ted as they navigate the dynamic landscape of community building and harnessing the potential of the network effect. Ted Rubin, an esteemed guest and thought leader, offers valuable insights into leveraging the power of communities to drive meaningful change in today’s interconnected world.

In each episode, David poses three crucial questions to his guests:

1) What’s the biggest challenge you are facing today?

2) In an ideal world, where do you imagine this could go?

3) What’s the first step you would take to get us to where we need to be?

Discover Ted’s perspectives on these questions and gain a fresh perspective on the transformative possibilities that lie ahead. Dive into this thought-provoking conversation that uncovers the secrets behind building thriving communities and the far-reaching impact of the network effect.

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