This article was posted to Harvard Business Review and seemed to have gotten a lot of play… What Blockchain Could Mean for Marketing.

The following is my comment and viewpoint. Unfortunately very few HBR contributors engage commenters… 

In my opinion Blockchain Technology does nothing to solve this problem. It’s NOT a technology problem, it’s a marketing/sales mindset problem.

It’s the marketers who value this bombarding of consumers, and use of programmatic ads… they have the ability/technology to stop, they simply don’t want to. Every marketer can see a campaign had a 1.5% industry average click rate, they don’t need blockchain to know it’s 98.5% spam – and… consumers share their data now without blockchain, it’s just so many marketers are not JUST lazy… they only interested in what they deem the ‘additional” sale. For the most part they don’t care how many times they need to knock you over the head.

They only look at the upsides of bombarding consumers, they do not take the time, or have the inclination, to take the downside into account. Until they do, there is no technology that will make a significant difference.

#RetailRelevancy… #NoLetUp!👊🏻

My post related to this topic, and a mission for me in 2019 to make this Top of Mind for Marketers: The Most Overlooked and Critical Component of Customer Experience…

The Most Overlooked and Critical Component of Customer Experience

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