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Every social marketer wants to turn followers into fanatics. With strong brand advocacy, your fans and followers shout your company’s praises — and products — to everyone they’re connected to. Learn how to acquire brand advocates through careful relationship building.

Ted Rubin, chief social marketing officer at Collective Bias and author of Return on Relationship, knows that marketers want strong brand advocacy, but warns that too many companies “build elaborate social profiles and advertise to get more fans, and then wonder why no one spreads the word about them, much less buys from them.”

Instead, Rubin suggests that turning followers into voices of brand advocacy requires a personal touch and a careful nurturing of your social media relationships. Examine your social channels and make sure you’re responding to every message, thanking those who share your content, and not taking your followers for granted. “Honor your customer relationships,” Rubin writes, “because that’s where it all starts.”



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