They ignore all the brand rules of retail:

  • Sell nothing online.
  • Encourage touching and interacting with products. A lot. (Even scheduling visits to try out their showers in their stores.)
  • Include no technical information for brands and products.
  • Give away free cappuccinos and beverages, and
  • They’re doubling their revenue each year, exceeding $225 million in sales last year.

It’s what every brand can hope for. In short, it’s pure branding genius.


Pirch is disrupting the $40 billion luxury appliances market.

They don’t sell cabinets, flooring or backsplash tiling. Instead, they embrace and sell items that bring “joy” into the home.

Every store visit starts with a visit at their Bliss Cafe with complimentary cappuccinos, lemonade and cucumber water.

And showers in their stores are activated by a simple swipe on an iPad. (Pure branding genius.)

This all started in 2011 with one store in San Diego.

In less than 5 years and with 8 more stores, they’ve exceeded $225 million in sales, the latest being their largest store in SOHO in NYC.

And all this explosive growth is the result of using one of the oldest sales tactics in business.

What’s their secret?

We answer that (and more) in Episode 4 of the David and Ted Talk show shown below.


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