Niki left this morning and I’m depressed. Miss her being around already. Not a surprise that her Mom always schedules visits to Sunday Matinees, family parties, or anything else she can think of on my weekends… they are getting shorter and shorter and she will be off to college in just over another year

I am deciding to default to happy and just get over it. Bike ride, work, hopefully a buddy stopping by for a Cuban cigar and some singe malt this evening, then back to work. Definitely time for a bike ride and attitude adjustment, then back to work… will be a late night.

I have learned that at this point it is better to take the pressure off my girls and disengage from such debates. In addition that is exactly what their Mom wants me to do, and I am done with that… not giving her the platform for dispute. I have changed my expectations, will always be present and available, and will never give up on my girls… no matter what.

Niki.Dad Thanksgiving Friday 2013

Thanksgiving Friday 2013

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