As marketers and business leaders, we worry all the time about customer experience with our employees, product, purchase, and service, BUT we have overlooked a critical part of the customer experience… how our marketing affects them. We’ve got data coming out of our ears, so tracking the results of our marketing efforts in terms of dollars and cents is becoming easier and easier. However, all these efforts only measure the upside of banging consumers over the head (how many more clicks, shares, engagements, and ultimately sales, do we get). No regard is given to the downside numbers. What we’re NOT tracking is the point at which our customers turn away from us just annoyed, to fed up with our bot stalking and algorithm tweaking.

I think we need to spend as much time finding ways to track the negative effect of our marketing efforts as we do the positive ones. Every brand that continues to bang your customers, or followers, over the head again, and again, and again – without regard to the damage it is doing to brand equity – is going to suffer as we move forward in this customer, “my media my way”, world.

Marketing will truly win when humans control the machines, instead of the machines controlling the humans… #YeahAbsolutely!

#RetailRelevancy… #NoLetUp!

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