Every Google search is a hand being raised. So is every tweet, blog post, and Facebook comment with a complaint or question. Do you call on those raising their hands??  If not, you are missing an incredible opportunity!

Every social complaint or question is the “low hanging fruit” of a brand’s chance to interact with consumers.  But it’s not just ANY chance – it’s a chance to interact when you have the consumers full attention “and” PUBLICLY, to engage in a way that can, and often will, catch the attention of an entire audience. These kinds of comments are visible, relevant and actionable, and brands need to have a plan to engage.

Unfortunately many brands are ignoring or simply not taking full advantage of this opportunity and falling into one of the biggest social media mistakes… Not Being Social.

Makes me think of the old adage “if a tree falls in the woods…” except here the problem is that people are hearing the tree fall but no one is responding (or even aware)!  Consumers are speaking their mind, asking for answers or information, and they won’t wait long for you to pay attention before going elsewhere. The effects of this negligence can be detrimental to the brand at best.

Brands and retailers need to recognize this fundamental shift in consumer expectations – the expectation that their comments/tweets/posts will be noticed, acknowledged, and addressed.

I admit it is a challenge to see the “raised hands” of the tough-to-track Google searches, but let’s not use that as an excuse to not try!  Use this an incentive to get to know your consumers better by building relationships with them BEFORE they “raise their hands” in a Google search… so your brand will be a step ahead as the answer consumers will select first in a list of Google search results.

A raised hand is a request for attention, which, last time I looked, was exactly what we marketers want.  Start calling on your consumers who raise their hands before it is too late.


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