Big smile on my face right now. My 15 year old is at my place this weekend and I get to go out and get her breakfast (watch her eat it), take her to the mall with a friend (text them when I’m getting Starbuck’s so I can buy for them and they can go off again by themselves), take them home when they are ready so they can lock themselves in her room getting ready to go out (listen from a distance to the banter), drive them to the movies and drop them off, and wait for them to call in a few hours after they have dinner so I can drive Niki’s friend home, and then bring her home with me.

Winter Indoor Field Hockey starts the next day.. drive there with three of them in the car. Love the 1+ hour drive getting to listen to all the girl’s chatter, watch the game, then drive them back and listen again… maybe even jump in with a few comments myself, if I dare 😉

This makes me happy and, for me (Divorced Dad), is a great way to spend a weekend! 🙂




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