DuaneReade 1MM followers celeb 8.26.13~via Wired City… New York City drug store giant Duane Reade is connecting with more customers via social media.

Its Twitter fan base surpassed 1 million followers, a major milestone for the Walgreen-operated drug store chain among the drug, food and mass-arena segment. Duane Reade has raised its presence on Twitter more than 6,000 percent in the past year.

Calvin Peters, digital communications manager for Duane Reade, credited its loyal customers for the increase. The company has also run social media awareness campaigns for the brand within the past year.

“This social milestone is all about our customers and represents the ability and focus we have to seamlessly reach them whenever and wherever they are with useful content they crave and now have come to expect via effective two-way communications,” Mr. Peters said. “Our goal has been social community building and expanding relevant engagement to enhance our overall customer experience. achieving this while also creating social communication vehicles that can generate tangible ROI results for both corporate and vendor initiatives have proven successful.”

Walgreen-Duane-Reade.480Its national chain competitorCVS only has approximately 126,000 followers. Meanwhile, Rite Aid has just under 27,000 followers.

Duane Reade, which operates approximately 250 stores in the New York City metropolitan area, also fared well on Facebook with nearly 63,000 fans.

“Duane Reade has averaged a 4 percent engagement rate for Promoted Tweets—walloping the industry average of 2 percent. Some efforts, the retailer said, garnered engagement rates as high as 8 percent (“engagement” represents retweets, favorites, follows and clicks).”

DuaneReade 1MM Twitter followers 8.25.13


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