You may recognize me as an optimistic individual if you’ve engaged with my content throughout the years. I make a conscious effort to maintain a positive outlook, particularly in my interactions with others. Although in my younger years – and I still like to think of myself as young 🤷🏻‍♂️(Attitude, Perspective… Mindset) – I was my own harshest critic. Overcoming this has been a continuous journey for me and one I struggle with to this day.

Upon reflection, I realized that one of my major obstacles was setting unattainable goals, leading to frustration when I couldn’t meet them. Why initially aim for a marathon when you haven’t even been running? Life doesn’t allow you to skip the first 25.2 miles just to reach the last mile home stretch. I’ve learned, and continue to try to embrace, that combating self-doubt involves rewarding oneself for small achievements.

Today, I do my best to focus on setting incremental goals that pave the way for larger accomplishments. Surprisingly, I’ve found more success in pursuing my ultimate goals by celebrating small, daily habits… with exercise, nutrition, and in personal relationships. This approach has relieved the internal pressure, making the journey more enjoyable… AND more successful. It’s not easy to give oneself a break, but the payoff is worth it.

This principle extends to my professional relationships and the rebuilding and maintenance of my relationship with my daughters. I establish short-term goals, prioritize mindset, presence and availability, and cherish the love in my heart and the moments we shared when they were in my life. #ThisDadWontQuit… #TheDadWhoWillAlwaysLove.

The same principle applies to any personal or professional goals. Setting unattainable goals only complicates the process and can impede progress. By setting achievable goals, acknowledging daily accomplishments, and giving oneself credit, one can lay the foundation for achieving larger goals, ultimately leading to improved mental health and a more serene life.

P.S. From a Fitness, Well-Being, and Healthy Lifestyle perspective, and “setting achievable goals,” along with a community to support you… I suggest checking out and Founded by dear friends Joyce Shulman and Eric Cohen (one my top five of favorite couples), they are helping to improve the lives of so many with two more start-ups that sprung from their personal passion and one that empowers and celebrates achievable goals.

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