I like to think that business mindset is made up of an individual’s “collection” of attitudes. And in addition to attitudes of confidence, gratitude and optimism, I think it’s also absolutely essential to add an attitude of persistence. Persistence is essential… it is probably the most important key to business success. It can be considered an attitude, but I think of it more as a habit—and one that every business owner needs to cultivate.

Things always take longer than expected. You can set all the goals you want, but things will go wrong and obstacles will pop up to get in your way. Having the doggedness to keep moving toward the goal despite the barriers is absolutely critical for any business to survive and thrive. Is it hard? Yes. But I don’t know a single successful business owner who gives up when the going gets tough.

Success Doesn’t Always Mean Winning… although it might not seem like it, the most successful businesswomen and men don’t always win at everything. There are always setbacks, failures, and mistakes (sometimes lots of them). However, some things all successful entrepreneurs have in common are winning attitudes, a willingness to learn from mistakes, discipline and persistence.

And this all goes for your personal life as well, in so many ways… #ThisDadWontQuit.

Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but with the right Attitude, Perspective… Mindset, you can win either way. #NoLetUp!

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