Gallaghers was acquired in January 2013 by Central Park Boathouse operator Dean Polla good personal friend who has shown me time and time again that Return on Relationship is part of his DNA. Dean is a native Long Islander who grew up in the restaurant industry. Traveling to Brooklyn on weekends with his father to work at the family owned Pappas Restaurant, Dean learned the business from the ground up… literally. From sweeping floors to cleaning shrimp; no job was too menial for this 8 year old.

Dean closed the restaurant on July 9th for renovation and rejuvenation. I visited a couple of weeks ago and got a sneak peak. The photos here do not do it justice and I am anxiously awaiting the reopening which is expected to be February 4th. Please come and check it out as soon as it reopens. I assure you the experience and ambiance will be second to none.

Gallaghers 1

A Little History…

Since 1927 Gallaghers has been witness to legendary events at the cross-roads of the world. A place of luminaries and victories, heroes and hurrahs. A place where unparalleled steak craftsmanship and hospitality take center stage creating extraordinary moments, today and for generations to come.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 11.42.43 PMRead the January 24, 2014 Zagats Preview of the Opening here… 


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