A social contact, reached out the other day and asked me my opinion about Hashtags for a presentation she is doing.

This is my reply…

Savvy people/marketers who want their content/conversation about a topic, or idea/ideal available in one place, create a hashtag and use it all the time, and create a “hashtag-hub”… a place where you can find all content related to that topic/idea/ideal that they have created, and created by others using the hashtag.

*Hashtags create an easily accessible bookmark and/or content aggregation site. In addition using a hashtag in front of a “key” word, like #advocacy or #keynotespeaker (see attached screenshot), brings searchers of that word/hashtag combo to your content. The percentage of search being done by hashtag is increasing all the time.

Hashtags are the new water-cooler. Jump into a conversation or hashtag-hub… learn and engage.

#RonR… NoLetUp!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 2.27.25 PM

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