A LITTLE ABOUT BeenThereDoneThat.co… We are living in times of great potential and problems we have not encountered before. We need a new approach to unblock these problems and unlock new growth. However we think the fixed outputs, timelines and skillsets of agencies and consultancies advising CXOs is too slow and bias towards what feeds their businesses.

At BeenThereDoneThat we believe that Strategic Imagination will guide companies to future growth. To answer the questions of tomorrow you need access to Rare talent that increasingly lives outside of large client, agency or consulting organizations.

BeenThereDoneThat is a decentralized platform of Rare Talent and Technology that give clients access to the best thinkers around the world who are most in demand, on demand; focussed on game changing “Problem Definition” to get to answers in days and weeks using our experienced global community.

We do not work in the oversupplied solutions of yesterday that legacy agencies or consultancies focus on – we help you where you need it most and because we have decoupled thinking from execution, you can be sure our focus is on doing what’s right for your business rather than feeding ours. ‍

We have been working with companies such as Google, COTY, Pepsi, EY, Accenture, Tropicana, The UN, Beam, Vaccine Roll Out, Unilever & more since 2014, addressing challenges and realizing solutions around:

– New Products, Markets & Audience Innovation
– Brand & Communications
– Growth Capability, Organisational Design & Mindset
– Employee (EX) & Customer Experience (CX)
– Organizing for & delivering ESG and DEI


*BeenThereDoneThat , a new consultancy/agency model… delivers what you need NOW better, faster, and cheaper.*

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