Social Marketing Dignitaries shouting to the world that it is a waste of time to try to change someones mind about political choices on social platforms… and/or telling us all to stop posting about politics for that reason, and because it will do damage to our personal brands.

First I say… post about whatever interests you, whatever you feel the need to share, and whatever helps you accomplish your goals. The beauty of social platforms is that they are the ultimate in “permission” marketing. If you don’t like what someone is saying/posting/sharing… stop listening, or simply unfollow them.

Social platforms, as the word “social” implies” are places for discourse, even better if handled as a conversation… and I have had some great ones over the past few months. My opinions have been swayed on some things, and I know for sure I have changed the mind of others. Clearly we will not change the minds of those far in opposite camps, but there are many undecided folks out there who’s opinions can be influenced. And it is incredibly valuable to hear and try to understand the opinions of people who think differently as well (I have learned a great deal).

It troubles me a lot that so many well thought of social marketing folks have strongly urged people to not “waste” their time trying to influence others about politics… but they sell their services to brands and earn their living as influencers/advisors/practitioners with regard to influencing so many other topics. Seems a bit (actually a lot) hypocritical to me… and doesn’t make sense. What?… is politics the only thing social doesn’t help to influence??? This election will be decided by the fence sitters and undecideds… I say, if you are passionate about this election, do what you can to influence those who have not made up their minds, share how you feel respectfully, and get those to vote who may be sitting on the sidelines.

AND, so important now and always for me, posting here and on social platforms, as well as all the conversation I have verbally, are an incredibly effective way to RALLY LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE (truly valuable for me, and many others). 

That’s my opinion… and I’m sticking to it.

Ok… I am done preaching (hope that’s not another thing I am not “supposed” to be doing here ?).


Originally posted to Facebook Monday October 3, 2016… extensive comments there worth reading. 

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