Here’s Why Social Media Is A Sales Aphrodisiac! Originally posted at 6.11.14

Are you so busy building your business that you often find yourself stuck behind your desk rather than getting out, networking, and meeting people that are instrumental in growing your business? Do you want the ability to reach out and engage with consumers, buyers and media anywhere in the world AND be able to do this at any hour of the day? Relationships are the new currency, and with social media, you can build those treasured relationships without leaving your desk (not that I’m an advocate of not leaving your desk or of never spending time face-to-face!). Social media allows you to reach thousands of people at the same time -and it saves on the travel budget, too!

The power of social media is engagement, interaction and conversation and it literally becomes a sales aphrodisiac! Real conversation builds relationships that get people excited about you and your brand. In today’s episode of JLoveTV, Ted Rubin, one of the greatest strategic marketers of today, shares his meaty insights on why social media is a powerful tool for sales AND how to use it. My favorite tip from this conversation…

“Empower your employees! Allow them to help you build a powerful brand through shared social media.” ~ Ted Rubin (Tweet This)

After watching this episode, tell @JLoveBiz what insight helped you the most. What are the conversations you are going to start having on social media? I want to hear your ideas, so share with me in the comments section below.

Love Your Business, Love Your Product, Love Your Life…and as always, I am here to help you! Thanks for watching, joining in, and sharing this with those you know.

Be well,

Jennifer Love

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