How Brands Can Refocus Beyond Risk Mitigation to “Risk Innovation”

I have interviewed a number of the business development team at Evergreen Trading, and this time had the opportunity to chat with Jenifer Herrmann, EVP of the Business Solutions Team. She brings an important perspective to the way Evergreen Trading develops business and supports their brand partners.

Jen talks about how Evergreen can help reduce Brand’s “pain points” with solution based thinking, and refocus beyond Risk Mitigation to “Risk Innovation.”

Evergreen Trading is a media investment agency that creates significant incremental economic value for our clients. Media Trade is an investment approach with the media vendors. We invest our capital when they need it—that provides Evergreen with unrestricted media futures at below-market costs.

Clients leverage Evergreen’s media “futures” to sell nonperforming assets for significantly more value and fund various business needs/initiatives.

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