In this installment of our Universal Coupon discussion, Brandi Johnson, CEO of The Coupon Bureau, sits down with John Andrews and Ted Rubin, authors of RETAIL RELEVANCY, to discuss the digital identity, personal avatars, offer relevancy, and the impact of Universal Coupons on retailers, manufacturers, and shoppers. Learn more about the new AI (8112) Universal Coupon standard at…

What is the Universal Coupon?

It is a new GS1-US coupon standard and coupon type, AI (8112). Guided by JICC/ACP, The Coupon Bureau is responsible for creating, maintaining and rolling out the coupon format AI (8112) to all stakeholders, including grocery retailers, convenience store retailers, coupon provider/distributors, CPGs, and clearinghouses. A single set of standards, found in the Coupon Data and Specifications document, will be used to create and execute all coupon programs, creating more secure, and more efficient data exchange between parties. In conjunction with requirements led by a consortium of ecosystem participants, The Coupon Bureau established the new standard, supported by Hedera Hashgraph.

Who is The Coupon Bureau?

A non-profit organization charged with creating a centralized data exchange connecting all stakeholders to the new Universal Digital Coupon positive offer file. Subscribe to The Coupon Bureau Youtube Channel to be notified when the next episode is live and to see more videos like these…

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