Ted: I adore Louise for her passion, enthusiasm, and of course for WAY overstating my awesomeness 🤗… and conversations with her are always a pleasure.

Louise Lally: How do you connect with customers online? Get ready to hear how…

This very special conversation I had and have been saving to share it with you all. There is a lot covered in this one episode as myself and Ted Rubin, leading Social Marketing Strategist and creator of RonR Return on Relationship, discuss the following:

  • How to connect on a personal level with your customers that not only builds brand loyalty but also creates a community around your brand.
  • The role companies need to play online with their customers in order to create a culture of authenticity and vulnerability that builds that special connection we share some cool stories on this.
  • Creating a social community around your brand is for everyone working in the organisation. They people inside interacting with your customers are the brand so own this and use it.

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