Via Borja Obeso: We would all like to easily attract traffic from social media that buys our products and services just because we are selling them.

But not everyone is born with the gift of being easily likeable.

However, Ted Rubin comes on the show today to show you how you can LEARN to be social and easily likeable. (the auto-correct keeps telling me “likeable” is not a word …I KNOW! LET ME WRITE 🙂

I’m not extremely extrovert by nature, at least not around people I didn’t know, I am however, very goofy. So I learned how to adopt sociability and be goofy online, because it’s who I am.

The main resource for today’s show is Snapchat. Here is Gary Vaynerchuck predicting that Snapchat is going to be big in 2016.

I haven’t personally embraced Snapchat, to many plates on my table. But I look forward to incorporating it into my marketing plan in the near future.

Originally posted at Rebelgrowth.com

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