Things We All Control (2)

In order to set goals, and accomplish them, you need to have control over certain important controllable aspects of daily life. The bottom line is really your mindset and how you approach your business and life, in the first place.

There are so many things in life that we simply cannot control, but what about the things we CAN control? As human beings, we have the power of reasoning and choice, both of which give us substantial control over our own life situations… we just need to be reminded of this from time to time.

The following is my reminder list of Things We All Control that will keep you focused and allow you to focus on your business goals.

1. Acting: I am referring here to “acting” as our ability to take action.

2. Attitude: You can’t control someone else’s attitude, but you can control your own.

3. Commitment: Commitment involves your heart, which only you can control.

4. Empathy: Will you try to first understand, or to be understood?

5. Focus: You get to control what you pay attention to, where you put your focus.

6. Friendship: This is about our personal decision to be a friend.

7. Listening: You can control if you will listen to someone, then how you will listen.

8. Hearing: Hearing, to me, is what you do when you take listening one level further and involve your heart and understanding.

9. Learning: Learning happens inside your own mind, and although others may influence it, you still control how open you are to taking in new information and integrating it with your work and life.

10. Love: You might think you cannot control love, but what you do with your heart cannot be decided by anyone else.

11. Motivation: Motivation is about what entices someone. To motivate others, you first need to know their needs, preferences, passions, and even their pain points, so you can offer an incentive (reward) that is completely relevant and valuable to THEM.

12. Mood: This one can be difficult to control, but it is still possible. If someone “makes” you angry, it is because you let them get under your skin, not because they had the power to choose your mood for you.

Control these aspects, wrap your arms around the importance of your “mindset,” and setting and reaching your goals will become second nature.

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